Please Read Carefully

Fees & Offers
Lesson fees will be quoted at the time of booking and may be increased at any time with a minimum of 1 month's notice. Fees may be paid by cash, BACS payment (prior to the lesson) you can also pay by cheque (cheque must clear before lesson start. Unpaid cheques will be subject to a £25 administration fee. Block booking payments are due at the beginning of your first lesson. Any refunds will be considered. However, any hours used will then be charged at the hourly pay as you go rate and the remainder will be refunded.

Lesson Bookings
Make and confirm all lessons with Jude's Driving School. Where possible, try to give as much notice as possible of dates and times you would like. This will allow you to book your lessons at times that are convenient for you - remember 20 other pupils may also be trying to book lessons in the same week. Lessons will only be classed as booked once they have been confirmed by Jude's Driving School. Lessons can only be booked if the pupil can certifiy that a valid suitable licence is held to drive the tuition vehicle. Pupils must inform the instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their licence during the period they are receiving tuition.

You must give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or change your lesson. Failure to do this will result in the full lesson fee being payable or hours lost if you have prepaid. If you consistently cancel without 48 hours notice you may be required to pay in advance for future lessons.

Pick up & finish location for lessons
You should agree with your instructor where your lessons will start and finish when making any lesson bookings. Changes to your pick up and finish location will only be considered if good notice is given. If you request a different meeting or finishing place to that already agreed, your lesson may be shortened to cover any additional traveling time to avoid disrupting other lessons and tests.

Test dates
Jude's Driving School can book the practical driving test on your behalf if you want too? However you will be required to pay Jude the DVSA test fee (currently £62) at the time of booking. A date will be booked that is agreed by both pupil and Jude. On the day of the test you will be required to pay for a minimum of 2 hours use of car, which will includes the drive to test centre, use of the vehicle during the practical test, post test debrief and journey home.

Use of your instructors driving school car
Jude's Driving School reserves the absolute right to refuse, at any time, the use of her car for any test/lessons:

  • If your driving is considered below the standard required for the test or it is considered you are not likely to reach the required standard in the time available.
  • If your driving standard has been adversely affected by the cancellation of lessons for whatever reason.
  • If you appear unwell or to be affected by the influence of alcohol or drugs including medically prescribed drugs.
  • If any fees remain unpaid.

Lesson and test bookings are accepted only on the express understanding that Jude's Driving School will not be liable for any costs, expenses, claims or losses caused or incurred following their refusal or inability to provide a car/ instructor for any reason or test, for the lack of availability of any vehicle/ instructor for a lesson or test or from a cancellation of any lesson or test how so ever caused or for whatever reason. In the event of mechanical breakdown or other difficulties outside the control of the instructor, Jude reserves the right to rearrange lessons at short notice.